Are the masks CE certified?

Yes, our manufacturer is CE certified. Our 3 ply disposable masks have an outward bacterial filtering efficiency of 90% (BFE) according to standards EN149:2001. 

What is the shipping time?

We offer 24 and 48 hour shipping options that you can select at checkout. We fulfil and dispatch all items within one working day. 

Are the masks approved for medical use?

Our 3 Ply and KN95 masks are made for public use (non-medical), and are not approved for use in a medical environment. This also ensures that supplies for critical workers are not being depleted. Our masks and respirators are ideal for public transport, running errands, or serving customers in a small business setting.

What is the quality of the masks?

We strive to deliver the best products that we have access to at the most affordable prices in the market. We use these products ourselves and have rigorously tested their quality. 


What is the difference between a mask and a respirator? 

Masks protect the public from the wearer’s respiratory emissions, and protect the wearer from some large particulate matter. They are loose-fitting. Respirators protect the wearer from almost all large and small airborne particles, and protect the public from the wearer. They are tight-fitting. In other words, masks are ‘one-way’ protection and respirators are ‘two-way.’ Both are intended to be single use and should be disposed after each period of wear.